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History of Buckingham

          In 1875, Thomas H. Buckingham moved from San Francisco to Lake County where he purchased the land under the tip of Mt. Konocti.  Mr. Buckingham owned the Buckingham Shoe Company.  He built a cottage for his family and for visitors from the Bay Area.  They held boat regattas, canoed in Little Borax Lake and held horse races around the lake in back of the cottage.

          In 1956, a meeting was held at Rickey's Restaurant in Stonestown, San Francisco, California.  The purpose was to reactivate Buckingham Homes Association, Ltd., a non-profit corporation which was organized in 1930 by Buckingham Colonies, Limited.  The purpose was to "promote the collective and individual interest of all persons owning lots in the subdivided areas of Buckingham Park, and to enforce the restrictions, conditions and covenants affecting the real porperty in Buckingham Park that were drawn up and recorded by Buckingham Colonies, Limited."

         Buckingham Homes Association, Ltd. remains dedicated to that statement and to maintaining the quality of life in Buckingham Park.  It is as important today to the people who live here, as it was to Thomas Buckingham in 1875.

          We welcome new homeowners, and appreciate the efforts of those who have helped make Buckingham a desirable place to reside.

          Contact Buckingham Homes Association at 707-279-0829 or email us at .  We look forward to hearing from you.

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